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You have an idea for a smart contract-based application. You want to bring innovation to the finance world. You have the creativity. We have the coding skills to make your idea a reality.

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We are a team of blockchain developers with a passion for innovation. Since early 2018 we united forces with a common objective, create the most innovative decentralized applications. Our early success with DeFi projects and our startup culture pushed us to create this company. We want to work with creative and like-minded clients like you

Incognito - NFT Collection

The Incognito (ICON) project was created by NFT collectors, artists, and professionals with the goal of bringing something unique and special to the NFT community. The collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated and unique characters living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

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We created a decentralized exchange (DEX). Similar to projects like pancakeswap and uniswap, our DEX enforces the power of liquidity pools to create decentralized solutions for traders and enthusiast to swap and exchange ERC20 tokens without the needing for centralized authorities nor KYC regulations


Using the power of the inmutable and decentralized blockchain we created a market for Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be sold and create.

ERC20 Tokens

Whether you need a custom ERC20 for your company, or planing to launch an ICO, we can create the ERC20 tokens' contract with the rules and supply you want.

Our resources are limited !

As the small team we are, we can only work with one large project or two small projects at a time.

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